Baby and Toddler Friendly Playgrounds in South Jersey


The parks are listed in alphabetical order by county, then town - my favorite toddler-friendly parks are marked with an *


  • *Jakes Place (Delran): This playground is very baby and toddler friendly. There are tons of smaller kid equipment and structures and a rubber floor. There is a small baby section that is completely gated in.
  • Fullerton Memorial Park (Moorestown) (aka Zelly): This is a great playground for toddlers because there is a specific toddler section that is gated too. There are baby swings as well. There is so much to explore at this playground.
  • Laurel Acres (Mt. Laurel): The playground has a soft resin surface throughout. There are multiple areas each with their own toddler area. There are baby swings. There is also a semi-gated area away from the bigger park area that is just for toddlers.
  • Fort Medford Playground (Medford): This playground is so big that you could truly spend all day here. There is a large wooden structure that is completed barred in, so easy for toddlers to explore without worrying they'll fall off. There is another whole section with toddler level structures and barring around it too. There are slides that are at a lower level, as well as an enclosed sandbox with higher walls, lots of structures to explore, and of course, baby swings!
  • Imagination Kingdom (Pemberton): This playground is huge and has rubber padded floor throughout! There are multiple structures to explore and a specific toddler-friendly section. There is a lower to the ground section with 4 baby swings. There are 21 slides with many that are lower to the ground, as well as some ground level sensory play. The see saws are great and toddler-friendly too! 
    • Accessibility: There is a ramp onto the playground equipment as well as some ground-level sensory play. There are no wheelchair accessible swings but there is a glider that is accessed from the ramp.


  • Haddon Lake Playground (Audubon): This playground has two sections... There is toddler-friendly area with smaller equipment, resin surface, nice shade, etc. Then there is another small section with baby swings, resin surface, and a little dome structure babies can crawl in. This is not gated in.
  • *Wish Upon a Star Park (Barrington): This playground has a special gated in Crawlers Area with a little house and a rubber floor which is great. There are baby swings, a whole section with musical play instruments for littles, and just more toddler size equipment. While the main playground is not fully gated in, the baby section is a great option that is. A great baby and toddler friendly option.
  • Scott Merula Playground (Bellmawr): Another toddler-friendly option with smaller toddler-sized equipment and it's fully gated in.
  • *Knight Park Playground (Collingswood): This playground has a dedicated section for crawlers and new walkers with a soft resin surface. There is very low to the ground equipment for them to crawl and play on and it's partially fenced in. There are also baby swings and lots of open grass to put out a mat. Not gated in.
  • Garden State Rotary Complex (Cherry Hill): This park has a really nice fenced-in toddler/younger child area with smaller equipment, and the other half of the area is for bigger kids.
  • Jakes Place (Cherry Hill): This playground is fairly toddler friendly. There are tons of smaller kid equipment and structures and a rubber floor. There are no baby swings, but the whole playground is fully gated in.
  • Chapel Ave Park (Cherry Hill): This playground is fully gated in which is a big plus for toddlers. All of the equipment is fairly low to the ground and nothing is too crazy high. They have a parent and me swing as well as one baby swing.
  • Gregory Dalessio Park (Cherry Hill): This playground is fully gated in which is a big plus for toddlers. There is a section of equipment that is low to the ground and designed for toddlers, there are baby swings, and adorable rocket ship see saws.
  • Springbrook Park (Cherry Hill): This is a very nice and quiet, completed gated in playground. The structures are not super high, so it's a nice option for toddlers. Parking on street, but unfortunately no bathrooms.
  • Hoff's Playground (Haddon Heights): A nice park behind a log cabin at the Haddon Heights community center. There are some cool nature-themed components to the park, toddler-friendly structures, baby swings, and a nice nature trail behind it to walk which is fun for exploring. Designated parking lot, no bathrooms.
  • *Mountwell Playground (Haddonfield): This playground is unique in that it has many community toys, ride-on cars, trucks/tractors, etc. sprawled throughout the park. Lots of fun things for littles ones/toddlers to play with here outside of just playground equipment. There is a section with smaller toddler-sized equipment and slides and multiple rocking see saws. There area also baby swings, a nice little sandbox area full of trucks and tractors etc., and it's (mostly) gated in... so great for babies and toddlers. Parking on street, but unfortunately no bathrooms.
  • First Presbyterian Church Playground (Haddonfield): This playground has several toddler-friendly options, a small sandbox, and baby swings. It's also fully gated in which is a big plus. It's only open when the preschool is not in session from 11:30am-12:15pm or after 3:30pm during the weekdays or all weekend. Designated parking lot, no bathrooms.


  • Fasola Park Playground (Deptford): This playground is huge, there are several sections with different play structures - at least 2 or 3 out of the 4 sections are appropriate for toddlers 1-3 years old. All of the play equipment sits on rubber floor which is great for falls. There are two areas with baby swings. Low to the ground musical instruments as well as toddler-height picnic tables make this such a great option for toddlers. The playground is not gated in though and doesn't have many shade structures for the summer sun. In the summer, they offer a splash pad which is so much fun!
  • Veterans' Memorial Park (Clementon): A large park with multiple sections including toddler-friendly equipment. A big bonus is that it is fully gated in all the way around.