South Jersey Development Classes for Babies and Toddlers


Baby and Me Class (Elevate Health): Join our weekly group on Mondays to experience hands-on developmentally appropriate play led by a licensed Occupational Therapist (OT) and Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP).

Our class provides a nurturing environment where moms can connect, share experiences, and form meaningful friendships. Under the guidance of a licensed OT and SLP, babies and young children can participate in interactive play sessions designed to enhance their motor skills, sensory awareness, and communication abilities.

  • Ages: 6 months-4 years old
  • When? Mondays at 10am
  • Where? Elevate Health, 204 Ark Rd. Suite 103 C, Mt Laurel, NJ 08054
  • Cost? Free
  • Website: Learn more and register here
  • Thoughts: Never attended

Sara Brummer, PT, DPT Pediatric Physical Therapy Classes: Sara offers classes each week that support babies and caregivers in meeting their developmental milestones. New class series start each month.

  • Ages: See table below
  • When? See table below (each class is ran monthly)
  • Where? The WELLness Collective, 24 Lees Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08108
  • Cost? $145 for a 4-week series, $38 for a drop-in hour long class (Use code YOURMOMFRIENDSJ for 25% off the series or a drop-in class)
  • Website:
  • Thoughts: I LOVE all the classes that Sara has offered. She really does an excellent job teaching you as a parent how to help your child develop everything from fine motor to gross motor skills. Her space is also just gorgeous. Additionally, I attended the infant massage class with Hannah and really enjoyed it! I learned some great new massage techniques to help my son at the time and we built it into our evening routine.

Tummy Time Class (ages 2-6 months) Tuesdays @11:00am

Infant Massage (ages 6 wks-6 months) Wednesdays @10:00am

Crawlers & Cruisers (ages 6 months-walking) Wednesday @11:30am & Thursdays @12:00pm

This 4 week class isn’t just about tummy time! Learn positioning and play ideas to help your baby meet developmental milestones. Tummy time tricks and guidelines for how to use (or not use!) baby equipment is covered as well. Best of all, bond with your baby and connect with other local parents in the same stage of life as you!

This 4 week class is run by pediatric occupational therapist, Hannah DeSantis. You’ll learn head to toe infant massage strokes to improve bonding, digestion, sleep & much more! A great reason to leave the house & connect with other parents! Handouts will be provided for carry over at home.

If your baby is: interested in crawling, crawling like a pro, pulling up on everything ... This class is for them! This 4 week class encourages age appropriate gross motor play while also sneaking in fine motor, sensory, and social play too. Bond with your baby and connect with other local parents!


Haddon Spot Small Group Classes: Haddon SPOT is a child development center that provides services and experiences grounded within the domains of Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy. They offer individual therapeutic classes, group play services, and parent services.

  • Language Development Class: Chatterpillars: Let's get talking! This language development class is run by a certified speech language pathologist. During this class, you and your child will engage in a variety of music and play activities to help enhance your child's early communication skills. We welcome preverbal and verbal children to participate in the class with an adult.
    • Ages: 12-24 months
    • When? Fridays from 9:15-10:00 am (Winter Block 2: 2/19-3/25)
    • Where? 705 Station Ave, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035
    • Cost? $295 for 6 weeks
    • Website: 
    • Thoughts: I attended this for 2 classes. I enjoyed the variety of activities offered that gave me ideas on what to practice at home with my son. I do feel that for the price there could have been more specific speech language development guidance.
  • Skill Builder Buddies (Drop & Go): Led by certified speech and occupational therapists, our Skill Builder Buddies class is designed to encourage social communication, practice sharing and turn-taking and enhance fine and gross motor skills in a small group environment. This class is intended to be drop and go.
    • Ages: 3-4 years old
    • When? Wednesdays from 5-5:45pm (Winter Block 2: 2/19-3/25)
    • Where? 705 Station Ave, Haddon Heights, NJ 08035
    • Cost? $345 for 6 weeks
    • Website: 
    • Thoughts: Never attended

Starting Solids with Pediatric Feeding Partners: When should I start solids? What foods should I offer? What do I need to know about food allergies? What are the best utensils, highchairs and cups? How do I figure out a mealtime schedule? Join us for answers to all these questions and more! Tovah Feehan is a Speech-Language Pathologist, Feeding Therapist and Owner of Pediatric Feeding Partners in Haddon Heights, NJ. She is passionate about empowering parents with the knowledge and tools to promote a joyful family mealtime. After class, you will get to be in a google group to ask questions and sign up for group zooms to check in as you move along with solids.

  • Ages: The class is open to anyone who is ready to start their baby on solids.
  • When? Held monthly, check the calendar for specific dates
  • Where? The Village: 915 Haddon Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08108
  • Cost? $50 per class (2 hour class)
  • Website: Learn more about Pediatric Feeding Partners and class offerings here.
  • Thoughts: I LOVE Tovah! She is so passionate about what she does and I have learned so much from her. I attended her class and kept in contact as she has great recommendations for feeding at every stage.

Tummy Time! Method at the Village: Feel like your baby doesn’t like “tummy time”? Looking for a way to connect with your baby & foster movement and development? Concerned about head turning preference or “flat spots”? Join Angela Selkregg licensed Occupational Therapist for the TummyTime! Method. Caregivers will learn about & practice: tummy time, relaxation techniques, massage, calming techniques & various activities for engagement & connection. 

  • Ages: The class is open to babies 3 weeks-pre crawling. Class size limited
  • When? Held monthly, check the calendar for specific dates
  • Where? The Village: 915 Haddon Ave, Collingswood, NJ 08108
  • Cost? $35 per class
  • Website: 


    BabyEase Therapies: They offer classes each week that support babies and caregivers in meeting their developmental milestones. New class series start each month.

    • Ages: See table below
    • When? See table below
    • Where? Washington Twp (Suite 3, 539 Egg Harbor Rd, Sewell NJ 08080)
    • Cost? See table below
    • Website: 
    • Thoughts: I attended a few classes at BabyEase Therapies and I enjoyed them overall. I felt they could have offered more explicit instruction and guidance on developmental support.

    Tummy Time Class

    Super Sitters Class

    Mighty Movers Class

    This class is for you if your baby is at least 4 weeks old and is not able to roll both ways or sit independently yet

    The perfect class for your baby who is rolling over and starting to sit on their own!

    The perfect class for your baby who is rolling, sitting and ready to move!

    10-10:45am on Tuesdays

    $99 for 4 sessions

    11-11:45am on Tuesdays

    $99 for 4 sessions

    5-5:45pm on Tuesdays

    $99 for 4 sessions

    Did you just have a baby and are looking for something to do?

    Is the idea of tummy time stressful or seem like just an extra thing that you need to do?

    Imagine having a safe place to bring your baby where you can meet other moms and learn about your baby's development.

    Imagine not having to stress any more about how many minutes your baby can maintain tummy time. 

    You can enjoy play time with your baby and get out of the house to a safe space with our tummy time class!

    Is your baby rolling all over and starting to sit on their own? 

    Are you looking at your toys thinking, now what?

    Looking for a community of moms who are going through the same phase of motherhood?

    Super Sitters class is for you!

    Join us for our 4 session Super Sitters class designed to strengthen your baby's floor time skills, encourage independence, and get them ready to crawl!

    Are you in full baby proofing mode? 

    Baby starting to crawl all over? 

    Are you concerned that your baby is only army crawling, and want some tips to get to a full crawl?

    Looking for new ideas to keep that busy body engaged and having fun?

    We see you googling the next milestone, wondering when crawling will turn into walking so you don't have to worry about the dirt on the floor.

    Join us for our Mighty Movers class! This class is perfect for babies who are on the move and are ready to work on strengthening their crawling skills, working on pull to stand and cruising along furniture.